GRP Structural lining in Leslie street Project Canada

Leslie Street Project was a prime example of the unique benefits of the Channeline product, whereby even the most challenging shapes can be produced and customised. In this case, Channeline was adapted to the extraordinary circumstances encountered in a 300-plus year-old interceptor tunnel in Toronto.


Channeline International was approached to offer technical guidance into the viability of lining the project's 'Transition Zone' with custom-moulded     specialist    glass. fibre-reinforced (GRP) structural linings, said Mr  Tim Webb ,Senior Vice President Channeline International."Because Channeline technology includes the evolution of multi-piece segmental construction, even very large peculiar­ shaped rehabilitation projects can be accommodated using Channeline products and where necessary for transportation."

All Channeline products are custom-built and can be produced in any size and shape, including eggs, boxes and elliptical shapes, maximising the rehabilitated cross­ sectional area and thereby optimising the flow capacity."The Channeline GRP Structural Lining Systems are produced under rigid in-house quality control and in combination with strict inspection and testing regimes - both internal as well as external," said Mr Webb.

"This ensures a quality product that has a proven track record for large-diameter pipeline rehabilitation around the globe.