GRP Structural lining for Sewer Rehabitation on Belgian Project

Channeline has been involved  in the provision of specialist glass reinforced pipe (GRP) structural lining elements for over three decades, during which time the company has accumulated an unrivalled degree of experience in the rehabilitation of both circular and non-circular large diameter buried pipeline structures worldwide.

The general concept of the Channeline product is that a remarkably stiff and strong panel section is constructed, but with a relatively thin wall. The product differs from that of standard GRP hand or filament wound pipe in several fundamental ways. Normal GRP pipe consists of  windings of layers of resin-saturated glass, which is impregnated with sand, achieving its stiffness by building up ever increasing wall thickness. Channeline, however, derives its strength and stiffness through a different method, employing the mechanics of sandwich panel design, incorporating a unique polymer and aggregate core.

In Belgium, Channeline is represented by ROM Consulting, which has been a partner for over 18 years and It is this partnership, combined with an extremely high quality   product, which has made the company's product so successful in Belgium. Channeline currently has licensed distributors in Ireland, UK, Romania and Russia and is looking to expand its European network in countries including the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Spain and Turkey.

Tim Webb ,Senior Vice President Channeline International ,"concludes "We are now at the brink of a very exciting era whereby we envision a rapid expansion of Channeline In Europe, through the creation of a dedicated representation network".